FM Security are experts in the provision of Remote Monitored CCTV with Live Audio for Construction sites. We offer security packages to suit any sized site or budget, whilst providing a professional and cost effective service. Key elements include Wireless Electronic Detection, HD CCTV, Live Audio, Key Holding, Monitoring, Service visits and Guard Response. Below is some more information on what we provide and if you need any more information feel free to email or call us any time and we will be glad to help.

  • Wireless Intruder Detection
  • 24Hr IP CCTV (Latest specification cameras)
  • Remote CCTV Access
  • Alarm and CCTV Monitoring
  • Dual path reporting
  • Live Audio PA system
  • Key Holding and Guard response package
  • Scheduled Service visits
  • GDPR and DPIA provision / management
  • CCTV towers
  • ANPR Cameras (Number plate recognition)
  • Fire Call points / Heat detectors
  • Access Control / Delivery management
  • Battery powered alarm systems
  • Daytime generator systems (Security and CCTV systems with up to 100hr battery backup for sites with daytime generators only)
  • Time lapse footage
  • Mobile Patrols

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In the initial stage of commissioning a security system our engineers will visit site to plan the alarm, CCTV and intruder detector locations with the site manager. We will then arrange to install and test the equipment on site, which will typically take one or two working days.

Once the system is up and running an engineer will make a monthly site visit to review and relocate the equipment as required. With every site update a new security plan is issued to the response staff, alarm monitoring centre and the site manager, showing the location and detection area of each device along with any specific site information.

During normal daily use your system will be programmed to automatically activate and deactivate. These activation times are easily updated with a call to our office.

On-site CCTV can be live viewed by our monitoring team or by authorised site staff enabling close system management and the provision of evidential CCTV footage. A flat screen display and mouse are supplied to the site manager along with full training on how to review saved footage.

Both the alarm and CCTV can be accessed and controlled remotely by FM Security to provide assistance and guidance whenever its required.

During out of hours operation the system is monitored for alarm activations. Upon receipt of an alarm the Live CCTV is checked and an escalation procedure is implemented. If intruders are seen then the Live Audio PA is used to issue a warning and the Police or Guard response are called to site accordingly.

A full incident report with follow up actions is provided to the site manager after each activation.

One of the major benefits of using FM Security is that engineer visits are included in the package costing. This means that repositioning of alarm equipment can be planned and arranged with the site manager each month to allow for further development of the site at no extra cost.

Another is that packages include a quota of Guard Response call outs. If managed correctly there will usually be no further call out costs incurred.

Furthermore, rental and installation costs are minimal – Typically an average site is less than one fifth of the price of a manned guard. Installation is charged at one inclusive low rate at the start of the contract. Decommissioning at the end of the contract is carried out at no extra cost.

All our monitored CCTV systems are linked back to a 24Hr control room who will view the CCTV each time an activation occurs. The operator will then begin a clearly structured escalation procedure to ensure efficient and accurate alarm handling.

CCTV systems are available with Live audio and remote access capability and come in two main types depending on the power available at the site. If there is a permanent mains supply then a 24Hr Mains powered IP system with battery backup is used. If the power is supplied by generator during the day only then a system which switches the cameras on upon an intruder activation is used. This means you can view your site remotely easily and check on security, safety, deliveries or attendance direct from your mobile or tablet. Systems employ the use of PTZ (Pan tilt zoom) cameras and fixed bullet cameras to view key areas of site and monitor for suspicious activity.

Live audio is a highly effective tool in the fight against crime and vandalism and is a key component in the success of any monitored CCTV system.

The PA system is used to deliver Live audio warnings direct to intruders stopping them in their tracks before an attack on property or materials takes place. Warnings are issued live by our monitoring staff who have access to the Live Audio feature and CCTV. PA systems comprise of an on-site weatherproof PA Tannoy speaker system specifically designed to deliver sound in harsh environments.

Wireless call points and heat detectors can be used in combination with our alarms, monitored CCTV products or as a completely standalone system. The units may be monitored to provide an emergency response or as a bells only site wide indication. The units can be linked, monitored and regularly serviced to provide emergency cover in the event of a fire.

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Add a robust CCTV tower with anti climb protection to any of our FM Security systems. Towers are used to house CCTV cameras and Live audio units providing a secure and highly effective visual deterrent to intruders whilst remaining an affordable option.

A typical tower will comprise of a concrete base, a locked tilting 4.5m – 5m tower, a swan neck PTZ attachment and a live audio PA unit.

Dedicated Automatic number plate cameras are available to integrate with any of our CCTV systems. This can provide a useful identification tool in the event a theft from site. It will also log vehicles accessing site 24hrs a day providing valuable data to help manage and check on deliveries, attendance and unauthorised entry.

Battery backup is used if there is a power interruption or power cut and also in case the supply is targeted by intruders hoping to disable the CCTV cameras and security.

All CCTV systems are supplied with a minimum of 6 – 12 hours battery backup. We also supply systems for sites that are running on daytime generators with 96Hr backup to provide cover over a long bank holiday period.

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“The overall result is an incredibly effective, cost efficient security system making it a highly attractive option for site security.”

  • Wireless detection devices means no wiring on the site which aids in swift and cost efficient security provision.
  • Rapid installation – normally installed and active in as little as one working day.
  • Highly reliable and effective
  • Optional integration with wireless fire protection devices and emergency fire call points.
  • Highly flexible contract terms.
  • Fully automated – very easily managed.
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